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A colleague that got a a contact through his site soliciting a linking service. The man claimed:

"Adding new backlinks on a steady and consistent basis from high PR quality websites is what produces the rankings you are looking for "criminal attorney syracuse". The right kind of links are very critical in getting top ranking....and I can hand deliver these quality links to you. My partners and I own 1000's of websites and offer private linking to hundreds of website owners just like yourself."

The question my colleague sent was:

What do you think about this guy?  What are blacklinks?

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Absolutely, links are not just for the web.  PDF supports links to allow you to organize and navigate your PDF documents.  Quick access to the materials might be very helpful at a mediation, deposition, or trial.

In this tutorial, I go over creating links using the link tool and a little about the button tool, a good way to create repeating links like "return to top" on the bottom of every page.

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Discussing a text based document with a client not sitting your office is, to say the least, inefficient. It is very difficult to be sure that everyone is looking at the same thing and when the document is a blue print or diagram it would seem to compound the difficulty.  I got this question from a lawyer in the latter situation. 

Real time computer screen sharing and annotation is one great way around the problem.  Acrobat Connect, which is part of,  is an excellent service that allows anyone on any type of computer to collaborate very effectively with a range of meeting room tools; for free.

The video here is a quick overview of sharing a file with another person so everyone can see the exact same thing at the exact the same time. has a number of great features worth a closer look including an online word processor. works very well with Acrobat 9.


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I've been asked this question several times.  It came up most recently in a delightful conversation I had recently about the future of the law, freelance practice, and the role of technology in the law office. 

A video that records what is happening on the screen is called a "screencast" and they are often used for software training. I use them all the time and are a standard component of my training programs and support for my sites and clients.

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File security is an important issue in the law office and the best way to protect your data from other users or passers by in the office is with user accounts.

With User Accounts you can keep your files secure with your password, let others use your computer, and customize your workspace the way you like it best.

In this video I create an account on both Mac OSX and Windows Vista.

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"Sent from my iPhone" is the default email signature on iPhone. An email signature is the information an email client inserts automatically at the end of each email.  Typically this info includes name, title, website; its a great time saver and convenience.  

Many mobile devices include a defalut signature for email like "sent from Blackberry" or "sent from my iPhone."  Do you want your recipients to know where you are when you send a message?  Maybe, but many don't, here is how you change it on the iPhone.  

Touch 1) "Settings", then  2) "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars", then  3) "Signature" and type whatever you like.  See what it looks like in the Screen Shot Gallery

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Use the week or day view, rather than the month view, so you can drag out the exact time of the event. 

Watch the video.

Also, when entering a Noon apt using the iPod or iPhone scroll wheels be sure to enter "PM."

iCal, Mac, Apple, Noon Appointment

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Yes, but it costs $20 per year. 

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Mail Plus which includes POP access.  POP (Post Office Protocol) allows the mail client, i.e. Mac Mail or Outlook, to poll the server for messages. 

Apparently,  Yahoo also restricts message forwarding on their basic, or free, mail service.  Absent the $20 payment it looks like a message sent to Yahoo will have to be checked online at Yahoo. 

Article covers, Adding an Account on Mac Mail, Alternatives, Recommended Course

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