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A colleague that got a a contact through his site soliciting a linking service. The man claimed:

"Adding new backlinks on a steady and consistent basis from high PR quality websites is what produces the rankings you are looking for "criminal attorney syracuse". The right kind of links are very critical in getting top ranking....and I can hand deliver these quality links to you. My partners and I own 1000's of websites and offer private linking to hundreds of website owners just like yourself."

The question my colleague sent was:

What do you think about this guy?  What are blacklinks?

I quickly checked the guy out and my response was:

A backlink is a link from another site to yours. 

The way most people build links is to post something good, usually to a blog, so that other people link to it. e.g. my blog post on
DMV Points for Speeding Tickets in New York.

There really isn't much to it - the Internet is like a judicial opinion- if people cite it, then it must be important, and Google is designed to find important sites.  

He claims to have hundreds of sites that he can give links from. He charges $500 a month and it might be worth it, the concept is sound. But I'd have to learn more about it to advice one way or the other.

You can see the site I built for this colleague by clicking on "criminal defense attorney" above. His site is intended to be a business card extension, i.e. a place for people to go when they search for him and something to put on his business card.

He is not now competing for abstract keywords, like "Speeding Ticket Lawyer Syracuse" but maybe his results will improve a bit with the backlink I just gave him.


Which is a pretty good one, because:


This site is related to his site as both deal with the legal field.

The link is one-way and not a link exchange, i.e. he is not linking to this site.

The link is on keyword anchor text.


For example, as between "Seth Azria, New York Appellate Lawyer " and "Seth Azria, New York Appellate Lawyer", the latter construction is superior because it tells Google something about the information at the destination and improves the chances the destination will come in a search. Having the link on my name does nothing but make my name stand out.

Read more about the basics of SEO for Lawyers.

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