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Suggested Handouts
8 Things Every Lawyer Should Know About SEO View/Print
SEO is what salesmen are talking about when they say your site might be invisible to search engines. 1. What is SEO? 2. What is the Value of a SEO Campaign? 3. What is PPC and how do Sponsored Links work? 4. Why is Google so Popular? 5. Is there Good and Bad SEO? 6. What is Good SEO? 7. What Does SEO Cost? 8. Are There Any Alternatives?
A Nice Collection of Posts View/Print
A collection of posts on to get you started. Includes all of the above and few more.
Keyboard Shortcuts View/Print
Some tips to help save some time.
PDF, Adobe, Reader, and Acrobat: The Essentials View/Print
This may be the most misunderstood, confused, and even confusing subject in law office tech. I have seen resumes from lawyers that claim to be expert in Adobe, expert in a entire company? PDF is often regarded as an inherently secure format, it's not. The difference between Reader and Acrobat is often not recognized. And the enormous capability of Acrobat goes tragically underutilized. Here is what you need to know to clear up the confusion and get on the way to using some truly incredible software.
Twitter Grader, SEO, and Web 2.0 View/Print
Depending on who you ask, Web 2.0 is either a marketing concept based on information sharing or set of technical innovations in web technology. But I think no matter who you ask the two combine to form a big conversation between people. Twitter is a great example of an enormous conversation 140 characters at a time. This article has a few thoughts about how lawyers should use this new media.