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LawTech Blog by Seth Azria, Esq.

According to

"TrialPad for iPad is an easy-to-use app for preparing and presenting compelling presentations for trial. It literally puts your next presentation into your own hands, at a fraction of the cost of traditional courtroom presentations.

  • Organize documents quickly and easily
  • Present compelling evidence to judge or jury
  • Annotate and display documents to increase their impact."


The App opens up with a welcome case folder, I liked the large folder icons.  With a tap the large folder icon disappears to reveal an attractive interface loaded with a quick start PDF. 


The quick start PDF includes instructions for:

  • Creating a New Case - Just touch the add icon in the cases screen; it's like adding a Doc in Pages.
  • Adding Documents to a Case - The easiest way is to email a PDF to yourself and open it in TrialPad from the iPad mail client. You can also import Docs through iTunes.
  • Annotating Documents- TrialPad includes a highlighter, pen, and redaction tool.  You can also pinch to zoom and undo annotations.
  • Hot Docs - Allows users to save an annotated copy of a doc in the Hot Docs list while leaving the original without annotations.
  • Organizing Documents - TrialPad duplicates, renames, and moves files.  Touch "Edit",  select target files, and then select the desired action. 
  • Displaying Documents -  Just move the "Output" slider from "Off" to "On". Playback is controlled with play, pause, and stop buttons. 

I found the TrialPad features mentioned above easy to use and the interface attractive but the key feature of TrialPad is the ability to project documents. Projection requires the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter ($29.00).  The Dock Connector does not mirror the iPad screen in the way an external monitor mirrors the screen of a desktop computer.  iPad only outputs to the external screen from Apps specifically programmed to do so, e.g. Netflix, Keynote and TrialPad.

I hooked up my iPad to an external monitor and projected the document on the screen. TrialPad kept pace with the changes I made to the document in realtime.

I would like to see an easier way to get large numbers of docs into the App.  Emailing and opening each doc in TrialPad is fine for a few files but connecting to a server, e.g. Dropbox or MobileMe, would be easier for numerous files. 

If you have GoodReader, which does connect to a server, you can open PDF in TrialPad from Goodreader. iAnnotate PDF can also send PDF to TrialPad. 

TrialPad sells for $89.99 in the App Store.

>>TrialPad Screenshots


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