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LawTech Blog by Seth Azria, Esq.

Years ago, before going to law school, I thought that being able to type quickly would be a good idea.  Little did I know that typing is really not the issue in law school.  Nevertheless I bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  I thought it was okay although I did not really need it.

Now as a practicing lawyer, typing quickly seems to mean a lot more.  So, I visited Nuance, and bought Dragon dictation 2.5 for the Mac.  I just installed it today, and so far I think it is pretty good.  In fact, I am writing this post using it, and it has not made a single error.

For a  microphone, I am using my Bluetooth headset that is paired with my iPhone.  You do not actually need to connect a microphone to the computer because the signal goes right over your Wi-Fi network through their free application in the App Store.

I also bought a Mac speech scribe.  With this application, you can record files and it will transcribe them for you.  I have tried this also and think it works pretty well however, I think it may be too early to make a decision.  But like Dragon dictation, Mac speech scribe has an iPhone application that allows you to record your voice on the iPhone to the Mac and then transfer those files via a Wi-Fi connection accessed through Safari.  That portion of it is pretty slick.

So if you like to write things much quicker, I think Dragon naturally speaking is a good way to go.  I wrote this post in about 3 min.

Dragon dictation works anywhere you can type.  I just use it to rename a file and to add this section of the post after moving the text from Google Docs to my HTML editor on my site.



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