JuryTracker App for iPad Screen Shots

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Dragon Dictation iPad App

You can dictate directly to the iPad and that is how I wrote the first draft of this review.

GoodReader iPad App

With iPad you can have statutes, cases, and legal materials in thousands in your hand at once- here is one way to do it with DropBox and GoodReader

iPad AP Mobile

The App includes articles, photos, and video. The design and colors are soothing and the presentation drew me into the story. This App made reading the news a joy and has transformed the news into multimedia experience optimized in its own tightly controlled and well appointed environment.

iPad PDF Bookmarks

Acrobat allows lawyers to bookmark long PDF for easy access- and it works great with iPad. Blog, Video, and iPad screen shots.

iWork Pages iPad App

Apple has reworked their iWork suite of productivity programs for the iPad. Let's see what Pages for iPad can do.

JuryTracker iPad App

TrialPad iPad App

TrialPad for iPad is for preparing and presenting presentations for trial.

JuryTracker App Review

Jury Tracker iPad App: An App Just for Lawyers

John Cleaves, supervisor of practice support for Latham & Watckins in LA, has recently released and an iPad App that can be used to:

  • Identify key jurors
  • Simplify jury observation,
  • Standardize notes on juror responses,
  • Track time spent by each party, and
  • Share reports with your trial team.  www.jurytracker.com.

After using the App for a little while it seems that the App can certainly do all of those things.  Like most iPad Apps, figuring out how to use JuryTracker is not too difficult as a good portion of the interface is graphical.